September 17-Stoughton House Of Brews

October 16 -John McCrae Scholarship -PAAC TAUNTON,MA-$15.00


October 29-Dedham Square Coffee House

Dedham,Ma 8-10pm

November 7-Stoughton House Of Brews

December 31-Chatham First Night

Jan 23, 2017-Mews-Provincetown,Ma  

Feb 4-Stoughton House Of Brews 8pm

Feb 19-The App Space Art Studio-6A-Route 6 Cranberry Court-Yarmouth


March 4 Stoughton House Of Brews-Shaun England with Tom Appleman-bass and John Disanto-drums

April 7 Epicure Jazz Bar

Shaun England with Bill Duffy-piano, Joe Santerre-bass and John Disanto-drums 7-11pm Route 106 W. Bridgewater     

April 29- Stoughton House Of Brews

Joe Santerre-Bass, John Disanto-Drums and Shaun England-guitar/vocals

June 3-Stoughton House Of Brews

Aug 5-Stoughton House Of Brews

Aug 12-Epicure-W.Bridgewater,Ma

Sep 1-Epicure-Bill Duffy-Piano, Joe Santerre-Bass, John Disanto-Drums

Shaun England-guitar/vocals

Sep 23-Stoughton House Of Brews