Star Crossed Lovers, LP (2013)


"Lay Me Down"/"Down the Line" 

(Feat. Mike Turk on Harmonica), EP (2011) 

The Starving Artist Compliation, Vol. 2



September 17-The Stoughton House of Brews

Porter Street Stoughton,Ma


Steve Skop-bass, John Disanto drums

October 29-Dedham Square Coffee House

High Street Dedham,Ma

Joe Santerre-bass , John Disanto-drums

November 5th-Stoughton House Of Brews

Porter Street Stoughton,Ma


December 31st Chatham First Night


Jan 23-The Mews-Provincetown,Ma

429 Commercial Street


Steve Skop-bass, John Disanto-drums

March 4th-Stoughton House Of Brews-Shaun England with Tom Appleman-bass and John Disanto-drums

Friday April 7 7:00pm

Epicure-Rote 106 W. Bridgewater,Ma

Shaun England with

Bill Duffy Piano, Joe Santerre-Bass

John Disanto-Drums.


April 29-Stoughton House Of Brews

Joe Santerre-bass John Disanto-drums

8pm Porter Street Stoughton,Ma

June 6-Stoughton House Of Brews

August 5-Stoughton House Of Brews

August 12-Epicure-W.Bridgewater,Ma

September 1-Epicure-W.Bridgewater,Ma

Bill Duffy-piano, Joe Santerre-Bass, John Disanto-drums -Shaun England-guitar/vocals

September 23-Stoughton House Of Brews







 Shaun England


"I feel richer to know that a musical soul like his is willing to share his big talent generously with all of us.  We are made stronger, and life is easier with his music."

- Rae Dawn Chong, Actress, Director, Producer